"My music calms the body. It is like a harmony that neutralizes the disharmony in the chaos and pacifies the resistances, a melody that purifies the aspiration ….. My music evokes a soul-state by the revelation of the Eternal Truth. My music comes from the absolute Silence where Sound is created by the original vibration with its waves and pulsation which sustain the worlds and the universe in a perpetual blossoming in order to rediscover the Self. My music expresses the harmony of the spheres and gently, very gently, the felicity of its sovereign peace descends."

-The Mother
AuroMusic – Another blossoming bud of In Search of The Mother , is an offering at Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s Holy Feet and aims to serve as an online platform to share the Divine music with devotees all around the world. Users may explore the list of songs and enjoy the ecstasy of the Divine melody, upload their collections to the repository, organize their favorites into playlists and share the Joy with others over various social networking media.